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Dirt Road Outfitters is located in the heart of South Central Kansas & specializes in trophy whitetail deer hunts, Rio Grande turkey hunts, Ringneck pheasants hunts, and quail hunts. We do occasionally host predator, duck, and goose hunts as well. All clients are welcomed to either prairie dog hunt or pheasant hunt while on their stay with us.

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Dirt Road Outfitters Kansas whitetail hunts occur on land that is used for agriculture or cattle purposes. Dirt Road Outfitters only offers a few Kansas whitetail deer hunts & Rio Grande turkey hunts every year to ensure that the game we hunt is not over hunted. All hunters are lodged in a 1900s farm house located on a working farm & cattle ranch. Our trophy whitetail deer hunts run 5 days & all deer hunters are lodged for 6 nights. The Rio Grande turkey hunts are 3 days & all turkey hunters are lodged for 4 nights.

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In our opinion there is nothing like hunting Kansas whitetail deer in the fall. Not only will the hunter see an abundance of whitetail deer while on their hunting trip, but they will also see many whitetail bucks that are over a 150 class whitetail deer. Every year we have several whiteatail deer that eclispe the Boone & Crockett measurement standards seen on our properties. Remember, all of hunts are free range hunts. Having that kind of quality of deer that are seen on our properties speaks volumes for the quality of guided deer hunts that we offer in Kansas.

Opening day in Kansas for either archery (bow hunting) or muzzleloading season can be unbelievable for whitetail deer. Since many of the bucks antlers have just lost their velvet, the bucks testerone level has not yet increased, thus making the deer more patternable & easier to hunt. A few Kansas whitetail deer giants always hit the dirt during the opening week. If you like to roll the dice, the Kansas fall rut is always an exciting time. During this time the bucks range is dramatically increased as the deer pursue a hot Kansas whitetail doe.

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For the whitetail deer hunter this means that a buck that we've never seen before withstands a pretty good chance of showing up during the fall rut hunting period of November. Another time of the year that is a good time to hunt Kansas whitetail bucks is in December when rifle season opens. Some deer hunters prefer opening day & others prefer the second week of rifle season. Usually either week is phenomenal because the un bred whitetail does are showing themselves again, and the Kansas whitetail bucks are usually not very far behind the does. If, however, the bucks are not showing, since the deer hunter now possesses a weapon that increases the range in which they feel comfortable harvesting a mature Kansas whitetail deer, they can now harvest that animal when they are going in between bedding areas. Since we have an abundance of bedding areas on our Kansas hunting land properties this vastly increases the Kansas deer hunters chance of killing a great whitetail buck with Dirt Road Outfitters on their guided deer hunting trip in Kansas.

Our team has over 90 years of combined Kansas whitetail deer hunting experience. Our family has been in area for well over a hundred years, & so some of the hunting property our hunters hunt has been in our family well over 120 years.

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According to the QDMA Whitetail Report Kansas is number one when it comes to harvesting the smallest percentage of yearling whitetail bucks. This tells us as land managers that we can be fairly certain that the neighbor next our land knows what they are hunting as well.

A lot of the areas will be hunting from has limited access, and land ownership patterns that allow for consistent production of quality wildlife. Kansas ranks number four as having one the highest 3 1/2 year old or older whitetail bucks harvest percentages according to the QDMA Whitetail Report.  At Dirt Road Outfitters in Kansas we know adhering to QDMA management practices is an absolute must to ensure that the quality of not just the Kansas whitetail deer remains rich, but all the other types of wildlife we offer hunts on as well. To see the entire QDMA report click here.  For our Kansas deer hunts we require every bow (archery) hunter to harvest or kill at least a 135 class whitetail deer while on their Kansas deer hunt. We also require any gun hunter (rifle, & muzzloader) to harvest or kill at least a 140 class minimum whitetail deer while on their Kansas deer hunt with a Dirt Road Outfitters in Kansas.

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1. "Hey Guys, I just wanted to give you guys a big Thank You for everything you guys offered.  Your "Crew" and family at Dirt Road Outfitters are by far some of the best people in the Midwest.  Hans and Jim went out of their ways to constantly put us on deer and to adjust our sits accordingly to the weather. That area sure does have some AWESOME bucks.  Corey and I are both looking forward to hunting with your outfit again in the near future.  Maybe next time I won't wait until the last 20 minutes of the hunt to pull the trigger on a 150 class Kansas deer!! :)"

Thanks, Brady - bjorgaardbm@aol.com

"Hunting Kansas trophy whitetails with Dirt Road Outfitters was a great hunting trip. I've been on many hunts across the United States, and I'll have to say no outfitter has ever worked as hard as they did to make sure we had an enjoyable trip. I would highly recommend them to anyone"  

Scott - scott.hiott@yahoo.com

"Hans,  Wanted to drop you a line and let everyone know how much Carl and I enjoyed the trip. The hunt you provided was an experience that we both will remember forever. Yourself, your Mom and Dad, and Jim treated us like family from the time we arrived until the time we left. From the great food that your Mom and Dad cooked for us, to the extra effort you and Jim put forth during each hunt to try to harvest turkeys. The weather threw a curve ball at us but you worked thru the adverse conditions to still provide a successful hunt. You know, as I stated many times during the hunt, its not all about the harvest for me, its the experience. Good luck this season and hope to see everyone again next spring. Thanks again to everyone and may God bless you all." 

Mike and Carl  - pirogue11@aol.com