Frequently Asked Questions

What is NOT included?

  • License
  • Permit
  • Transportation fees of your meat to your chosen meat locker
  • Taxidermy

What is the area like?

South Central Kansas is a diverse area. There is a rich diversity of agriculture located near all of our hunting land. The consistent production of either irrigated or dry land wheat, corn, soybeans, alfalfa, & grain sorghum allows for not only good genetics for the whitetails, but also allows them to reproduce in abundance, because the environment is such that it allows for them to relocate, after feeding, to thick plum thickets, or to pockets of timber. Most of the terrain is gently rolling hills with some water located near the wildlife.

What type of weather can I expect during my hunt?

Sept.-Oct.- Muzzle Loader season. Cool mornings and evenings with days avg. 60-80

Nov.- Archery season. Fall weather anything from teens to 50’s

Dec- Rifle-Archery season. Winter weather, single digits-40‘s, snow possible.

This is the Midwest and weather can make a drastic change in a matter of minutes, hunters should bring gear for all types of weather.

When is the rut?

Peak rut in this part of Kansas is usually around Nov 15th but It’s not uncommon to see bucks chasing doe during the Dec. rifle season.

How much game can I expect to see?

Slow days can be anything from seeing only doe to 10-15 bucks a day depending on deer movement. During peak rut we have a couple of spots, located 25 minutes apart from each other, where it is not out of the question to see a total of a hundred deer in a day's hunt.

What size deer can I expect to shoot?

This is a fair chase hunt, no high fence, we can not guarantee hunters will kill a buck, but we have had a 90% success on hunters shooting bucks between 140-170 class.

How many other hunters can I expect in camp during my hunt?

Unlike other outfitters we do not do “the numbers thing”. Most weeks we only have 2-4 hunters in camp. This allows us to have ample opportunity to put you the client on a Trophy Whitetail Deer.

Closest Major Airport?

Wichita, Kansas is1 hour & 30 minutes away.

Is there cell service where I am hunting?

Yes, most of our property has good Verizon cell service. Sprint is ok. AT&T will drop alot of calls.

What is the average distance of shots taken?

Archery 10-30 yds.

Rifle -Muzzle loader 70-200 yds.

Is there a major hospital nearby?

Yes, We have several major hospitals within a 10-30 min. drive from our hunting property.

Is there a sporting goods store nearby?

Yes, Pratt has a Wal-Mart. Hutchinson, in between our place, and Wichita, has a Heartland Outdoors. Wichita has a brand new Cabelas, and Gander Mountain.

How do I get my gun there?

Your gun should be packed in a crash resistant plastic or metal case that locks. Don't use the plastic case that's on sale at the end of hunting season for $19.95. In the US, you will need to make sure you get to the airport early enough to have your gun inspected by TSA before it is placed on the airplane. Call your airline about details of packing guns and bullets. They are the final word.

What type of shooting practice should I do to get ready for my hunt?

Make sure your rifle is shooting consistently and accurately with the ammunition you choose. If it's not, get different ammunition. If you are a bow hunter practice with the broadhead you will be hunting with. The number one rule for practicing after that is: GET OFF THE BENCH! Go to your deer lease or find a rifle range that will allow you to practice OFF THE BENCH. Shoot from the sitting and kneeling positions. Shoot off a tree limb or a tree trunk. Get a good pair of shooting sticks and shoot from those. The biggest challenge is getting your scope on the target and getting the shot off quickly. Many trophies have gotten away because a hunter waits more than 2 to 3 seconds getting everything perfect before they shoot. These trophies don't get big and old by standing around looking at you aim at them. The best way to help yourself is make sure your rifle fits well, your rifle is shooting accurately and learn to shoot very quickly after the cross-hairs are in place.

How much and what type of ammunition should I bring?

The airlines restrict how much ammunition you can carry by weight. Most hunters bring 40 to 60 rounds of ammunition. The best bullets we have seen are Premium type ammunition loaded with Barnes X, Swift A Frame or Nosler Partition bullets. We recommend you shot a 165-200 grain bullet, whichever your rifle shoots most accurately.

What caliber rifle can I use?

Minimum caliber rifle allowed by law in Kansas is .243.